Школа №1224


To Mr. Hans Levander


Life Link Friendship Schools




E-mail: friendship-schools@life-link.org.

November, 15

From Mrs. Inna Evgrafova


Secondary UNESCO Associated School 1224

Bazovskaya 20A

Moscow 125635

E-mail: sch1224@mtu-net.ru

Fax  905-23-11          905-23-45

Tel. 905-23-45                                                     


Dear Dr. Levander,


   We would like to thank you for your kind invitation to take part in the joint Life-Link & UNESCO action 2007 named Culture of Care  - Culture for Peace.

We have received materials including the Teachers’ Guidelines on this project which we consider very instructive and constructive and quite adequate to the students of the age of 14-16 who have participated in the action.

   In accordance with you recommendations three lessons and two students’ self studies have been arranged in our school.

   The following themes have been discussed at the lessons such as: Culture of Care, Sustainability, All Together in our Living Room One more topic “What can I do and what can we do for care and peace” has been touched upon.

   Within the action in our school the trip to Ivanovo (a city located at the distance of 400 km. from Moscow) was arranged to provide humanitarian assistance to the children of the parentless children boarding school.

   The students participating in the action visited the UN Information Centre in Moscow with the purpose to get know more about the UN and its specialized agencies activities.

   The students have been inspired by the action. The results are presented in the Student Assessment Form-Summary sheets entered the Life-Link & ASPnet web-site (www.life-link.org/aspnet).

   Now we are planning to take part in the second action called Water for Life in March 2008 and in the action Culture of Violence into Culture of Care early 2008.

We would be glad to participate in the Life-Link international conference Rosario, Argentina 10-17 August 2008.

   As we have already informed you we go on working on the projects “The Great Volga River Route: uniting Seas (Baltic, Black, Caspian Seas)” in favour of the World Heritage Education for sustainable development with the support of information and communication technologies”, “The System of the UN in the modern world”, “Happy Oasis”.

   The participation of the students in these projects and in the activity of the school club “Young supporters of the UN” directed to the implementation of the Decades “Culture for Peace 2001-2010”, “Water for Life” 2005-2014, “Education for Sustainable Development” 2005-2014, has helped the students to be a success in the first part of the action “Culture of Care to Culture of Peace”.

I wish you to be successful in bringing up the citizen of the World.



Sincerely yours

Inna Evgrafova

Secondary UNESCO Associated




Pleas find enclosed


Moscow Secondary UNESCO Associated school 1224 has successfully performed the action “ Strengthening conciliation and mutual understanding” arranged within the framework of the project “ The system of the United Nation in the Modern Word” by the Federation for peace and conciliation (nongovernmental organization).

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